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Charity distribution work done by MSF to earthquake Victims

27 April 2015 : Charity of the day begin 

First of all, we thank you for your prayers and moral support during these trying times of pain and suffering. The whole nation is slowly trying to find its way back but there is an enormous amount of work to be done. Although the Government has numerous international supports from The Red Cross, UNICEF and the various NGO’s and INGO’s, there never seems to be enough done so the Mountain Sherpa Foundation family is actively involved to support victims as much as possible.
As a charity work from our Foundation we initially distribute 6 high quality tent worth of USD 1500 for real poor, homeless people of Shankhu village in Kathmandu. Founder director of Mountain Sherpa foundation Mr. Pasang Sherpa with poor family at Shanku village Kathmaudu
We would like to thank you for all of our valuable and generous clients and friends who are continue helping us in raising the fund for the earthquake victims.We believe that every little contribution can make a big difference. If you would like to be a donor or contribute in any way please let us know.


Our mission to distribution of foods in Sindhupalchowk for 250 houses has been successfully completed on 06 May 2015. Sindhupalchowk, located at on the Nepal-China border is one of the hardest hit regions by the earthquake.


The relief material was 6600kg rice, 400kg lentil, 200kg salt, 200L cooking oil and 200 pieces of hand washing soap, water purification devices and first aid kits worth of USD 5000.


We would like to thank local representatives of Sindhupalchok. Also very warm appreciation to individuals, our precious clients, friends and organization that made this possible!! Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for peace and happiness in Nepal.

CHARITY OF THE DAY [May 09, 2015]-Relief distribution for victim of people of majuwaa,bhimdunga-3,Kathmandu.

One of the another biggest charity day is over today, again two truck of rice,lentil,oil,salt and soap has been successfully handover to the victims of about 180 houses(all Tamang ethnic group of Nepal) in majuwaa one of the closest villages near Kathmandu,15 km out of valley,located at hilly area.10460313_481811951986618_7348905462111735645_nAccording to analysis more than 450 people received our foods which are enough for about 15 days to consumption! Head of village said, your organization is God gift for us in right time as we are running out the foods. we have got few very less amount of food items rice from few different social organization after massive earthquake, but your organization is one of most kindest charity organization that distribute enough foods for our needy village, we are close to Kathmandu, but we are poor and our cultivate lands are not enough to grow enough foods our self said by one of victim of majuwaa.

1510477_481812081986605_9138520313592701554_nMountain Sherpa foundation is jointly and actively involve to share love and happiness to victims of earthquake, our relief partner social charity organizations are chyangmiteng social welfare group from my own village, a group of kind heart Sherpas and mountain spirit from Germany. Thank you for joining hand with us to support earthquake victims. We believe that we are doing our best to bring happiness in their daily miserable life after in the difficult time.

May 11, 2015: Charity of the Day

As our social responsibility, MSF family shares our love and support (through critical relief distribution) to the poor suffering homeless victims of Rashuwaa district. Our emergency relief material was distributed at Aarukharka, Rashuwaa District, Nepal.


With help of our Sherpa support team,we able to distributed essential food supplies to over 500 Tamang village people. They received 4,800kg rice and a plentiful supply of oil, salt and lentils.


Our heart was broken when MSF Social Relief Team visited there village, 98% houses are totally damaged. We found this village people are very friendly and united, all people are ready to help each other even they are having problem.

We are so fortunate to see our charity aid bringing the smiles back on the faces of the desperate Nepalese people.Thank you to everyone for your on-going support and generosity.

May 17th – 23rd 2015
We successfully distribute 500 tarpaulins in the remote villages of lower part of Solukhumbu, where world tallest mountain Mt. Everest 8,848 meter is located.

11350426_842713232476263_8549526789248014799_n The distribution program was led by MSF founder director Mr. Pasang Sherpa.
More than 3500 earthquake victims are directly benefited from this charity program.We feel happiness as we are able to make a difference in their lives at the time of great difficulty.11263932_842704942477092_6841348531884504899_n

CHARITY OF THE DAY- June 2nd, 2015

Mountain Sherpa foundation has been distributed relief supplies to another 400 Victims families. The distribution has been taken places in the heavily affected districts of Dhading. We successfully distributed 11,700 KG rice in Khalte village development committee 2 & 4 Devithan in Dhading, Nepal on June 2, 2015.


The distributions went smoothly, despite there being more people awaiting aid than originally expected.We feel so pride that our foundation able to support real needy people in Dhading district in this difficult time.


However, this is not long lasting solution. We still need to do many more for overall improvement. Mountain Sherpa Trekking and Mountain Sherpa Foundation continue carry on our charity Program in coming days, especially in remote areas. Our plan Projects is highly based on Recovery and Rehabilitation Work. We mainly work on building school, house, hospital as well as volunteering work.

We would be so appreciative for your help. Please visit following link to help the victims of the earthquake.

If you have any question please contact us:

We would like help now?? Please visit this link How to help Nepal Earthquake

We would like to thank you for all of our valuable and generous clients and friends who are continue helping us in raising the fund for the earthquake victims. We believe that every little contribution can make a big difference.

God bless you all!!

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