Providing Emergency food relief package for sherpa guides & porters in Kathmandu during lockdown

Currently Kathmandu under lockdown since April 27 due to the second variant of coronavirus pandemic. The country’s decline in tourism and temporary closure of businesses has made it increasingly tough for many guides,porters and families. Many Sherpa’s and experienced mountain guides have been put out of work.

As per our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) during this difficult time, We, Mountain Sherpa Foundation has been providing food relief package to needy sherpa guides and porters. In the first phase of relief distribution, the priority was given to sherpa guides and porter’s family, who are in real distress due to the lockdown.
On May 26, 2021, Mountain Sherpa Foundation offered 38 kg of food package for 450 sherpa guides and porters. Each of them received the following food package that is likely to last a family of four to five people for one month.
> Rice Sack = 25 Kg
> Lentils – 5 kg
> Atta flour – 5 kg
> Oil- 2 liter & Salt- 1 kg
Thanks to the support of passionate Mountain Sherpa foundation team and special thanks to international donors (sherpa support foundation) from USA . We hope to continue sustaining these efforts and scaling up as the pandemic continues to distress families of Porters and guides.

Providing Food to poor families during Covid-19 pandemic

Many poor families face hunger as coronavirus crisis hits remittances, tourism and constructions. Mountain Sherpa Foundation distributed food support to 700 households.

As per our Corporate Social Responsibility in times of Covid-19 pandemic MSF offering food to more than 700 households in Kathmandu.Mountain Sherpa Foundation (MSF) provided food relief support for highly vulnerable people within Kathmandu Valley. MSF food relief support began on the 1st September – 25th September 2020 with a needs assessment.

The food was distributed 25 different locality of Kathmandu Valley. Pasang Sherpa, who is director of Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expedition, distributed the food to disable people, painters, porters and poor people of different districts of Nepal, who lost their jobs due to lockdown.

Those who would receive Relief were based upon criteria such as:

  • Migrant labors from outside of Kathmandu
  • Families with more than four members, but sustained by a single daily wage
  • Families with members who had a chronic disease or disability
  • People from discriminated castes & new mothers and old people

Mountain Sherpa Foundation In Action – delivering direct humanitarian aid

Mountain Sherpa Foundation In Action – delivering direct humanitarian aid to villages throughout the poverty-stricken Himalayan region.
We successfully distribute 500 tarpaulins in the remote villages of lower part of Solukhumbu. The distribution program was led by MSF founder director Mr. Pasang Sherpa.
More than 3500 earthquake victims are directly benefited from this charity program. We feel pride as we are able to make a difference in their lives at the time of great difficulty. However, this is not long lasting solution. We still need to do many more for overall improvement.
Mountain Sherpa Trekking and Mountain Sherpa Foundation continue carry on our charity Program in coming days, special remote areas. We mainly focus on building school & hospital as well as volunteering work.
We would like to thank you for all of our valuable and generous clients and friends who are continue helping us in raising the fund for the earthquake victims. We believe that every little contribution can make a big difference.
God bless you all!!
Sumba Sherpa (President) & Mountain Sherpa foundation (Family)

Successfully distributed immediate relief items to 250 of families in Sindhupalchok.

Today we successfully distributed immediate relief items to 250 of families in Sindhupalchok.
The relief items include foods including rice, lentil, salt, soap & cooking oil. “Mountain sherpa foundation” led by Pasang Sherpa is actively doing charity work for victims of Earthquake in different part of Nepal

The relief material was 6600kg rice, 400kg lentil, 200kg salt, 200L cooking oil and 200 pieces of hand washing soap, water purification devices and first aid kits worth of USD 5000.

As Nepal is reeling from a 7.8 magnitude earthquake that struck near the center of the country, Mountain Sherpa Foundation is working for emergency response and is gathering a relief fund for those affected by earthquake. We are aiming to raise USD 60,000 for the emergency response whereby Mountain Sherpa Foundation will match USD 10,000.We would like to thank local representatives of Sindhupalchok. Also very warm appreciation to individuals, our precious clients, friends and organization that made this possible!!

As we are working together to address this moment when our nation needs us most, we request you to come forward and help us in this difficult time. Your contribution will allow us to address the needs of thousands who are in need of search and rescue, shelter, water, food, clothes medical supplies and other basic needs.

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers for peace and happiness in Nepal.