Objectives of the organization

The objectives of the organization are as under.

  1. To work as a pure non-profit social organization by helping poor Helpless incapable person.
  2. To conduct awareness program for conservation, protection and Construction of archeological assets and temples, monastery by promoting natural, historical and religious sectors.
  3. To encourage protecting and conserving internal traditional, cottage and skill oriented handicrafts etc.
  4. To create employment in local area by developing infrastructure to contribute in development of courageous rural tourism by giving emphasis to historical, religious and cultural tourism.
  5. To develop skilled manpower by promoting various vanjyangs, sacred ponds, mountaineering, trail and water tourism and to increase awareness in local level thereof.
  6. To organize various people awareness and people participative Programs by mobilizing youths,
  7. To organize various creative programs for conservation and Protection of natural resources, archeological monuments by Coordinating with the various social organizations and institutions and to organize various programs to raise public awareness in this regard.
  8. To educate the children of climbing and trekking potter. To provide admission fees and necessary books and stationery to the poor laborious students.
  9. To organize assembly, seminar, symposium, expo and participate in the program.
  10. To provide financial help to the person of Nepal suffering from natural catastrophes.
  11. To organize free health camp and establish health post in rural area by obtaining approval from concerned department.


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