Our Mission

Our immediate Mission is to support the Earthquake victim and the affected areas.

We are Mountain Sherpa Foundation are committed to help towards all Earthquake calamities and would appreciate any help and support in any way we can get from you. Although the Government has numerous International support from Red Cross, UNICEF and various INGO’s and NGO’s the relief activities are slow so for further support and enhancement Mountain Sherpa Foundation has taken the initiative and we have done the following:

•As a charity work from our company we initially distribute 6 high quality tent worth of USD 1500 for real poor, homeless people of Shankhu village Kathmandu.
•We successfully distributed immediate relief items to 250 of families in Sindhupalchok on the Nepal-China border, one of the hardest hit regions by the earthquake.

We have selected following remote district of Nepal in order to distribute emergency relief materials. Our mission is to distribute relief materials as soon as possilble. You can choose the areas to support.

•Solu Khumbu District (Everest Region)
•Gorkha District (Manaslu Region)
•Rasuwa District (Langtang Region)
•Sindhupalchowk District (Helambu Area)
•Kavre District

Thank you for your support and compassion for Nepal and its people at this time of greatest need.

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