Providing Food to poor families during Covid-19 pandemic

Many poor families face hunger as coronavirus crisis hits remittances, tourism and constructions. Mountain Sherpa Foundation distributed food support to 700 households.

As per our Corporate Social Responsibility in times of Covid-19 pandemic MSF offering food to more than 700 households in Kathmandu.Mountain Sherpa Foundation (MSF) provided food relief support for highly vulnerable people within Kathmandu Valley. MSF food relief support began on the 1st September – 25th September 2020 with a needs assessment.

The food was distributed 25 different locality of Kathmandu Valley. Pasang Sherpa, who is director of Mountain Sherpa Trekking & Expedition, distributed the food to disable people, painters, porters and poor people of different districts of Nepal, who lost their jobs due to lockdown.

Those who would receive Relief were based upon criteria such as:

  • Migrant labors from outside of Kathmandu
  • Families with more than four members, but sustained by a single daily wage
  • Families with members who had a chronic disease or disability
  • People from discriminated castes & new mothers and old people