More than 1800 school bags distributed in different school in the remote area kids of lower part of Everest

2022-12-05 Earthquake relief support/ Education Support/

As per our social responsibilities, Mountain Sherpa foundation have organized 2 event of Bag distribution in the remote part of Lower Everest. We organized first event on February to 25th February 2022 and second event is on 21st November to 27th November 2022 to support children in the remote region of Everest region. where we were grown up, studied and spend our childhood.

We would like to facilitated their exhausting way to school and to improve their learning condition over there.  this is a small contribution to our society. however, we hope that even this is a small contribution in the society but will be highly beneficial for beautiful children.

We would like to encourage every child to go school in the remote part of Nepal and would like to support them continuously in coming days. We believe that every child deserves the right to get proper education.