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Thank you very much for visiting our website. Mountain Sherpa Foundation, Registered Company Number 41426 is based Dharapati-03, Bansbari Road, Ring Road, Kathmandu 44601, Nepal. 

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    Chakrapath, KTM, Nepal
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    Help our ongoing work to create a more equal world. Your contribution can help end poverty and give people the means to build a better future for themselves in countries like Nepal. For those living…


    Nepal is a developing country, which has developed significantly during the past decades. Though, many areas of the nation are still at a very low standard of living. 30-35% of the population (approximately 30 million…


    Nepal volunteering is an incredible experience. It's an opportunity to share your skills and make a real difference to Nepalese communities. Generously helping others make both them and you feel happier and more complete. You…