Emergency Relief

Mountain Sherpa Foundation supports relief efforts in response to rapid-onset natural disasters such as earthquakes, and disease outbreaks like COVID-19 epidemics. We also provide emergency relief to refugees whose lives are endangered due to civil wars caused by racial, ethnic, religious, and political problems, and to victims who have lost their homes and livelihood due to environmental disasters such as floods & landslides, slow-onset crises such as famine and drought.

MSF is actively involved in Emergency Relief Distribution to Massive earthquakes victims in Nepal. The massive earthquake struck on 25th April 2015 (7.9 Magnitude) and 12th May (6.8 Magnitude) that took the lives of nearly 9000 people and more than 22,000 injured.

The team of Mountain Sherpa Foundation is actively involved in distributing the first phase of Emergency relief Distribution including foods, tents, Tarpaulins (Emergency Temporary shelters). Our charity work program Successfully Distributed Emergency relief Materials to poor, needy Victims of earthquake Districts in Solukhumbu, Rashuwa, Shindupalchowk, Dhading, and Kathmandu ( Majuwa & Shanku). The relief Distribution was held for a month & was lead by MSF president Mr. Pasang Sherpa.

We also support people in the Tourism industry in crisis such as Sherpa Climbing Guides, Trekking guides, trekking Porters, Expeditions cooks, Expeditions Sherpa helper, and anyone in the “adventure Travel field”. Mountain Sherpa Foundation provided support in large-scale emergency relief packages to Mountain Tourism Workers. MSF helped more than 700 Sherpa trekking guides, porters, and climbing guides during the Covid-19 Pandemic by providing inclusive food packages such as a sack of rice, five kg pulses, five kg flour, two liters of cooking oil, and one kg of salt.