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Help our ongoing work to create a more equal world. Your contribution can help end poverty and give people the means to build a better future for themselves in countries like Nepal. For those living in extreme poverty, your support brings education and training, healthcare and clean water, nutritious food, and new ways to earn an income. Your donation will help MST reach the most vulnerable children and poor people of the Himalayas. The following lists that your donation can accomplish for ongoing projects. Every donation is equally valuable, despite the size of the amount.

Your small support can create lasting change

Please give kindly to help vulnerable communities overcome the challenges of poverty


50-70        =  Can purchase one set of school uniforms such as socks, shoes, pants, shirt, tie & sweater

80-100     = your donation can help to buy one desk and bench for three to four students

150-200    = Your donation can help to pay the salaries to a teacher for a primary school for a month

200-250 = Your donation can help to pay the salaries to a teacher for a health assistant for a month

500-600         = your donation can provide a solar panel system for one family to generate electricity

600- 700        = Can buy a computer/Laptop and table for school’s administrative use

900-1,000     = Can build a toilet for a family in the remote village of Nepal

15,000-17,000         = Can builds a full-furnished classroom for Primary Schools in Villages


Invite your friends, colleagues and family to your own fundraising events. A party, marathon, raffles, or maybe read-a-thon? Perhaps you would like to co-launch a fundraising event with us?

How you can donate?

Option 01: Bank Wire Transfer


Please use the following information if you would like to donate directly via wire to Mountain Sherpa Foundation.

Bank Details

Account name: Mountain Sherpa Foundation

Account Number: 001 001000290501

Bank Name:  Mega Bank,  Thamel Kathmandu, Nepal

Swift code: TDBLNPKA

Other options to send donations & funds

Option 02: You also send the donation through Western Union money transfer.

Option 03: Donate by credit card. Please let us know if you want to pay by Credit Card.