Donate for Scholarship

Nepal, a country striving for progress, still has areas of significant need. In the countryside, many families struggle with poverty. In remote villages, parents aspire to provide an education for their children, but financial difficulties stand in the way. Despite reasonable school fees in these villages, additional costs such as uniforms, personal stationery, and bags create significant challenges.

The Mountain Sherpa Foundation aims to assist these children. We are committed to implementing a scholarship plan in the lower Everest areas. This endeavor isn’t a one-time occurrence; rather, it’s a sustained effort. If you’re interested in participating in social work in Nepal or would like to extend help to the country, sponsoring a financially disadvantaged student could be an excellent option. Currently, we are providing full scholarships for 140 students in the lower part of the Everest region.

For just $250 a year, you can make a substantial difference. This contribution supports a student for an entire school year, covering expenses like personal stationery, uniforms, and bags – essential items they require. The impact of this support is profound; it will significantly contribute to ensuring a brighter future for these underprivileged children.

Your generous contributions and open-heartedness play a vital role in assisting us with these projects. We earnestly request you to join hands with us in making a difference. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to a promising future. Let’s collaborate to bridge gaps, inspire young minds, and create a narrative of empowerment. Together, even a few dollars can transform into a beacon of hope.

Don’t miss this chance to promise a brighter future. Let’s work in unison to effect change – a small donation can yield immense hope.

How do we nominate children for sponsorship?

The process of nominating children for sponsorship is as follows:

  • Candidate Identification: The MST team conducts visits to rural villages to identify potential candidates who are both underprivileged and dedicated to their studies.
  • Local Collaboration: We initiate discussions with the local-level authorities and representatives of rural municipalities who possess a deep understanding of the area and its students in need. Their insights are invaluable in identifying deserving recipients.
  • Teacher Recommendations: We also seek recommendations from respected teachers within each school. These teachers are familiar with the students’ circumstances and can provide valuable insights.
  • Initial Assessment: Once the candidates are nominated, our local representatives arrange meetings with the students’ teachers and principals. These discussions provide us with a comprehensive understanding of the students’ academic dedication and financial need.
  • Family Interaction: Our representatives also visit the families of the nominated students. This step allows us to gain insight into the students’ home environments and better understand their socio-economic situation.
  • Detailed Report: Based on the interactions with teachers, principals, and families, our team compiles a comprehensive report detailing each student’s background, academic commitment, and financial challenges.
  • Review and Confirmation: The Mountain Sherpa Foundation reviews the compiled reports to ensure that the nominated students fulfill specific criteria for sponsorship. This ensures that the students most in need are selected for support.

Who the beneficiaries are:

By following this meticulous process, we aim to ensure that the sponsorship reaches those students who can benefit the most from it.

  1. Children from Families in Extreme Poverty: We focus on children belonging to families facing extreme economic hardships. These families struggle to provide even the basic necessities, including education, due to their financial circumstances.
  2. Orphans and Children of Divorced Parents: We extend our support to orphaned children and those whose parents are divorced, as they often lack the necessary resources and stability for their education.
  3. Children with Parents Facing Serious Illness/Disability: Families coping with parents who have significant illnesses or disabilities face added financial burdens. We aim to assist these children, recognizing the challenges they endure.
  4. Sherpa Children Affected by Mountain Tragedies: Children of Sherpas who tragically lose their lives while climbing mountains, including Everest, deserve special consideration. We strive to support these children who have experienced profound loss.
  5. Students Lacking Other Support: We target students who do not receive donations, scholarships, or consistent assistance from other individuals or organizations. Our aim is to fill the gaps where other sources of support are lacking.
  6. Children Affected by Armed Conflict: Children who have been directly impacted by armed conflicts often face disrupted education. We intend to help these children regain access to education and stability.
  7. Dedicated and Aspiring Learners: We prioritize students who possess a genuine desire and commitment to learning. Their eagerness to overcome challenges and excel academically forms a strong basis for our support.

How can you make a donation?

Option 01: Bank Wire Transfer


If you would like to donate directly via wire to the Mountain Sherpa Foundation, please use the following banking information:

Bank Details

Account Number: 13201050044905
Bank Name: Nepal investment Mega Bank ( NIMB)
Adderes: Thamel, Kathmandu, Nepal


Alternative options for sending donations and funds are available as well:

  1. Option 02: You can also send your donation through Western Union money transfer.
  2. Option 03: If you prefer, you can donate using a credit card. Please inform us if you would like to make a payment via Credit Card.