Nepal is a developing country, which has developed significantly during the past decades. Though, many areas of the nation are still at a very low standard of living. 30-35% of the population (approximately 30 million people) still lives below the poverty line. Such poverty stops many schoolchildren from going to school and forces them into labor work simply to be able to provide their families with subsistence-level income.

School fees are often low but children have to pay for many other expenses, such as uniforms, contribution to school infrastructure, food, and transportation. A variety of scholarship packages with a value of $30 per month to $150 per month will be awarded to poor students in rural Nepal to continue their studies. The amounts specified will be used to cover school expenses (tuition fee and school supplies) for one student for one month. A portion of this will be invested in an income-generating activity for his/her family to improve the family’s livelihood.

You can spend a few dollars from your pocket each month for a specific time period to help underprivileged and deserving children attain quality education. Some details about your contribution areas listed below: