Mountain Sherpa Foundation organized the Covid 19 Victims hunger relief food Bank

2020-09-03 Emergency Reliefs/

Mountain Sherpa Foundation, Lions Club of Nepal Sherpa’s & Himalayan Sherpa culture center jointly organized the free food distribution campaign for Covid 19 Victims at Sherpa service center Gate, Boudhanath, Kathmandu, on 3rd September 2020. It was organized with the aim to provide daily essential food to needy people of Kathmandu. Who lost their job, due to the Covid pandemic.

Food was distributed based on per person per day. We believe that our food packages will support families of 3-4 persons for at least 2 days.

Each person received the following foods in Packages:

  1. Rice- 3 kg
  2. Lentil – 1 kg
  3. Wheat Flour- 2 kg
  4. Salt – 1 kg
  5. Beaten rice – 1 kg
  6. Cooking oil- 1/2 litre
  7. Masaura( sun dried vegetables)- 1/2 kg