Relief distribution for earthquake victims of Majuwaa, Bhimdunga-3, Kathmandu.

2015-05-09 Earthquake relief support/ Emergency Reliefs/

CHARITY OF THE DAY (May 09, 2015)

One of the other biggest charity day is over today, again two truck of rice, lentil, oil, salt, and soap has been successfully handover to the victims of about 180 houses(all Tamang ethnic group of Nepal) in Majuwaa one of the closest villages near Kathmandu,15 km out of the valley, located at the hilly area.

According to analysis, more than 450 people received our foods, which are enough for about 15 days to consumption! The Head of the village said, your organization is God’s gift for us at right time as we are running out the food.

We have got few very less amount of food items rice from a few different social organizations after the massive earthquake, but your organization is one of the kindest charity organizations that distribute enough food for our needy village, we are close to Kathmandu, but we are poor and our cultivate lands are not enough to grow enough foods our self said by one of a victim of Majuwaa.

Mountain Sherpa Foundation is jointly and actively involved to share love and happiness with victims of earthquakes, our relief partner social charity organizations are Chyangmiteng social welfare group from our own village, a group of kind heart Sherpas and mountain spirit from Germany. Thank you for joining hand with us to support earthquake victims. We believe that we are doing our best to bring happiness to their daily miserable life after the difficult time.