Supporting Vulnerable Guides & Porters During COVID-19

2020-06-15 Emergency Reliefs/

Tourism workers in Nepal are the main victims of the COVID-19 pandemic. Nepal is under lockdown since 24 March and today is 84 days of complete lockdown. March-May is the main trekking and climbing season in Nepal but because of lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic since mid of March, more than 10,000 guides and porters have lost their source of income. Trekking is a seasonal job for many Sherpas, guides, and porters in the Himalayan country Nepal. June- September is a monsoon month. which is the offseason and still an effect of COVID19, and it also looks like October- December fall trekking season doesn’t seem good for the rest of 2020 this year.

Looking this worsened scenario, 90 % of trekking porters & guides need some basic foods relief to survive, keeping this in mind, in collaboration with our previous trekking clients, friends, we are working for charity service to provide food and other economic support to Sherpa community and trekking/climbing workers of the remote Himalayan region.

This is the first phase of relief distribution in Kathmandu with a package that includes the following foods items per person.

  1. Rice – 25 kg
  2. Wheat flour- 10 kg
  3. Beaten rice – 5 kg
  4. Lentils- 5 kg
  5. Oil- 3 liters
  6. Sugar- 2 kg
  7. Salt- 1 kg
  8. Sanitizer- 500 ml
  9. Mask- 3 pieces

It was a great pleasure to support our community during this difficult time.