Sponsorship Program

Nepal, a country striving for progress, still has areas of significant need. In the countryside, many families struggle with poverty. In remote villages, parents aspire to provide an education for their children, but financial difficulties stand in the way. Despite reasonable school fees in these villages, additional costs such as uniforms, personal stationery, and bags create significant challenges. The Mountain Sherpa Foundation aims to assist these children. We are committed to implementing a scholarship plan in the lower Everest areas. This endeavor isn’t a one-time occurrence; rather, it’s a sustained effort. If you’re interested in participating in social work in Nepal or would like to extend help to the country, sponsoring a financially disadvantaged student could be an excellent option. For just $250 a year, you can make a substantial difference. This contribution supports a student for an entire school year, covering expenses like personal stationery, uniforms, and bags – essential items they require. The impact of this support is profound; it will significantly contribute to ensuring a brighter future for these underprivileged children. Your generous contributions and open-heartedness play a vital role in assisting us with these projects. We earnestly request you to join hands with us in making a difference. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to a promising future. Let’s collaborate to bridge gaps, inspire young minds, and create a narrative of empowerment. Together, even a few dollars can transform into a beacon of hope. Don’t miss this chance to promise a brighter future. Let’s work in unison to effect change – a small donation can yield immense hope.

Who the beneficiaries are:

  • Children from families that are living in extreme poverty, orphans, divorced parents or have parents with serious illness/disability.
  • Sherpa Children’s who lost their parents during climbing Everest or any others mountains.
  • Students that are not getting donations, scholarship or regular support from any other company or individual
  • Children directly affected by the armed conflict.
  • Students that have the desire and commitment to learn
  • Children who show potential not only in academics but also in extracurricular activities.

How we nominate the children for sponsorship?

The MST team will design a list of likely candidates after visiting rural villages and seeking underprivileged and hardworking students. To begin with, schools can recommend children who are most in need of help. Once nominated, our local representative will visit with their teacher and principal then their family to understand the situation. Once the report is completed, Mountain Sherpa Foundation will review to confirm the students meet certain conditions in order to be funded.

Where your contribution goes?

Investing in children is investing in the future. You have the willpower to make a difference in the lives of the poor by supporting this project with your donation. Depending upon the type of sponsorship you choose, your contribution goes to pay the child’s tuition fees, meals and accommodation, stationery items, regular health check-ups, etc.

How long do I sponsor a child for?

Child sponsorship is the best cost-effective way to end child poverty. It not simply addresses a child’s urgent material needs. It also builds self-respect and self-confidence. You can support a child right through their education from primary, secondary and high school. We also offer sponsors the opportunity to sponsor students throughout University studies. These can be organized on a case-by-case basis. If you need to end your sponsorship unexpectedly, why not ask a friend or family member if they would like to take over so that your sponsored child is guarantee an ongoing education.

Sponsorship Types

Platinum sponsorship

Platinum child sponsorship helps children the opportunity to study in a private English-medium school in an urban area. When you choose the Platinum Child Sponsorship package, your US$150-$ 200 donation per child per months will covers tuition fees, meals, hostel accommodation, uniform, regular health check-ups, etc. Children who are talented and stand out from the rest are chosen in this category.

Gold Sponsorship

When you choose our Gold sponsorship program, your $40 to $70 donation will helps poor parents child to study in an English-medium school in a metropolitan area, but does not include accommodation and meals. The monthly donation of USD 40 to USD 70 can pay tuition fees, buying uniform and regular health check-up. This sponsorship requires that the child have a relative in an urban area. Where he or she can stay and study.

Silver Sponsorship

Our Silver sponsorship program in Nepal allows poor parents to enroll their children in government school in the village. However, the education delivered in government schools cannot always compete with that in private schools. When you choose the Silver Sponsorship program, your $20-$30 donation will sufficiently covers the tuition, stationery and uniform at state-run school in the village.